TechnoFAQ ZNC is a ZNC service operated by IRC enthusiasts from around the world with servers in Norway and Netherlands. The primary focus of our ZNC service is the stability and usage of strong TLS security while not forgetting prompt support.

We host and run unmodified ZNC software. ZNC is a free/libre IRC bouncer that acts like a proxy. It connects to an IRC Network for you and stays connected as per your instructions and maintains your state on the IRC network. You can then connect to it whenever you need to get on that particular IRC network. This makes you not lose any conversations. ZNC has support for multiple devices including desktops, laptops, servers and mobile devices. More details about ZNC can be found at znc.in.


We have the following plans for your ZNC account:

1x IPv6 only (/128)
Norway server
(more locations coming soon…)
Best efforts performance
Up to 3 IRC networks
ZNC only
Limited support
25€ (₹2200) /year
1x IPv4 (/32) + 1x IPv6 (/128)
Netherlands server
(more locations coming soon…)
Guaranteed performance and low latency
No limits on number of networks^
Any one of 4 BNCs: ZNC, Quassel, irssi or WeeChat
Priority support

^ Fair usage policy applies to ensure responsiveness of the ZNC server