Terms and Conditions

TechnoFAQ ZNC is a ZNC service. As an account holder on our server, you are required to abide by the following Terms of Service:

  • You will not abuse our service by transmission of any data whatsoever amounting to/abetting in pedophilia, terrorism, copyright infringement and any other illegal activities and would only use our ZNC service as it is.
  • You are responsible for your actions when using our service.
  • The service is not limited by the amount of data that you can transfer each month however we reserve the right to impose such limitations should we feel this is necessary for any reason.
  • The service latency and speed can vary depending on location, line quality, Internet traffic, and other factors beyond our control.
  • We cannot guarantee access to the ZNC server in case your local ISP is blocking access to it. In any case, we do not restrict or regulate access to the service ports other than to benefit the service and keep it up and running and to ensure ample security measures for general good and protection of the user data.
  • Any activities designed to harass, scam, or spam any user of the ZNC service or others outside our network when using our ZNC service is strictly prohibited. Operating an account on behalf of someone else or reselling it is prohibited. Techno FAQ ZNC reserves the right to disable and/or delete your account without any advance notice. Techno FAQ ZNC makes no guarantee regarding quality or fitness to purpose of our service. This is a good faith offering and no user’s satisfaction is guaranteed.

Privacy Policy

  • We value the security and privacy of your data and your communications using our ZNC service.
  • We embrace a minimal data retention policy – just enough to run our service properly.
  • We do not share or disclose your private data to anyone unless compelled by law or a court order to do so.
  • 0. The only data we retain on the server from a ZNC user or account when you sign up for our service is your ZNC username and IP (for free accounts), and PayPal details (for paid accounts). PayPal details are never stored on the ZNC server and are only stored locally on a workstation.
  • We do not retain any activity or IRC logs unless enabled by a user.
  • We do not retain any sign up data other than what is stated in clause 0.
  • We do not retain any IRC support logs. You are encouraged to use OTR when using support over Freenode IRC or our built-in IRC server. We retain minimal access logs for the ZNC server and respective website (znc.technofaq.org) for debugging purposes.

Refund Policy

  • We will not under any circumstances provide any refunds. Techno FAQ ZNC is a good faith service paid for out our own pockets. We are not making any profit at this time. We will therefore not under any circumstances issue any refunds. Consider your contribution to be a donation.